The 2018 Ford Fusion - Cool Color Options

The 2018 Ford Fusion sedan comes in some really attractive colors that are loved by many, hated by few! With ten cool colors available for the 2018 Ford Fusion, you are sure to ride in style through Alamogordo! These color options have turned more heads than a parallel parking experience!

What better way to ride through the city than in a 2018 Ford Fusion sedan of a cool and awesome color that is far from boring! Take your pick:
  • Shadow Black
  • Lightning Blue
  • Metallic Blue
  • White Gold Metallic
  • Metallic Magnetic
  • White Platinum Metallic
  • Burgundy Velvet
  • Metallic Ruby Red
  • Metallic Ingot…
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The Ford Blind Spot Information System - Never Drive Without It!

A vehicle offering detection for vehicles that ride in your blind spot is a benefit to appreciate. The Ford Blind Spot Information System provides drivers the benefits of being able to know when a vehicle is riding in their blind spot without having to turn their head 180 degrees. This is a significant addition to its safety arsenal, and has consumers talking convenience and relief.

Driving without the Blind Spot Information System is a challenge and has led to many accidents. If you've ever tried to turn into another lane, and a vehicle honks at you for almost hitting…
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Why the need to change the Braking fluid

The braking system is a critical part of the operation of your vehicle. The effective braking system will reduce the chances of any accident occurring on your way with your vehicle. The braking system consists of a system that contains the brake fluid that is compressed to stop the car from its motion.

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Shop Confidently For A New Vehicle With Online Financing

Buying a new vehicle can be stressful. You have to choose between a seemingly infinite amount of makes and models. There are safety ratings to consider and insurance policies to purchase. When shopping for a new vehicle, be sure to visit our website and apply for online financing. Getting preapproved for financing is one way to simplify the car buying process.

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The Economical 2018 Ford Fiesta

The 2018 Ford Fiesta was designed to help drivers who feel the pinch on their wallet every time they get to the gas station. The first Fiesta, having been a European car, was launched in 1976. Ford has released a number of Fiesta series, and the upcoming 2018 Ford Fiesta is the seventh.

Features of the 2018 Ford Fiesta

Drivers vary all over the world with the preference of the size of the car which they drive. Those who prefer cars that are fuel efficient have a great choice of the Ford Fiesta 2018 model. It is a four-door car…
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The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle

Everyone who purchases a vehicle knows how big of an investment this is. Besides buying a home, purchasing an automobile is one of the biggest investments that a person makes. Over time a vehicle will at some point or another need to be inspected and be serviced.

Things such as having the oil changed regularly, changing out spark plugs, replacing brake pads are examples of things that will need to be serviced on your vehicle. By following your vehicle's specifically-designed maintenance schedule, this ensures that you will get the most out of every mile that you travel in your…
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Navigate life more easily with the Ford Escape

When you invest your hard earned money into a vehicle, you should always expect that it will cater to you and assist you in enjoying every moment you spend on the road. The 2017 Ford Escape encompasses all of this and more, and we're always excited to include it in our model lineup here at Vision Ford Lincoln.


You have a lot on your hands. We have just the trick to make you feel unstoppable. #FordEscape

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The Ford Escape features a smooth, yet…

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Learn to Clay Your Car in 30 Minutes or Less

You want to keep your Ford in the best condition possible. You wash it every few weeks to keep its paint looking fresh, but you've begun to notice that even after a thorough wash, the surface of the paint still feels rough to the touch.

These are bonded contaminants, embedded in the clear coat, and the only way to remove them is with a clay bar.

Doesn't claying a car take a long time?

Yes and no. Larry Kosilla of Autoblog Details says it should only take about 30 minutes to clay an average car. The trick is…

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