All New Ford Edge Performance to Expect

While the Ford Edge hasn’t always taken the spotlight, all of that is changing with the 2019 models. The latest exterior style and engine lineup has people looking at this SUV to be a more comfortable experience for the everyday route as well as road trips and camping adventures. The Ford Edge comes with two different types of engines and lots of trims. With the base trim, you’ll get a turbocharged four-cylinder that comes with EcoBoost. This standard package is pretty great for all-around performance and efficiency. You’ll only get 250 horsepower, but it’s worth it for the fuel economy.

However, if you do want more performance, you can always upgrade to a new trim from this brand called the Edge ST. This trim offers the most power for the model with a turbocharged V6 and eight-speed transmission. In addition, this vehicle’s suspension has been fine tuned, as well as the handling, You can take curves with ease as you drive, and you can use all of the safety alerts to maintain a comfortable and smart driving experience.

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