Harness the Power of the Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer puts technology at the forefront. All the conveniences of the modern world can be found inside the vehicle's cabin. This is one of the reasons it's among the most popular three row SUVs. Learn how you can stay on the grid when driving the new Explorer.

The Explorer comes with its own voice activated control system. SYNC 3 accepts naturally spoken commands and quickly responds with the appropriate action. For those that prefer a tactile solution, the Explorer has a responsive touchscreen. Either way, accessing directions or other information is fast and simple.

The Explorer's high-tech camera system helps you keep an eye on the road. The optional 180-degree camera scans the front of the vehicle for possible obstructions. Yet, the best part about the camera system is that it's self-cleaning. You can be sure the camera is always ready to go when you need it.

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