The Ford Escape: Technology for Safety and Convenience

The Ford Escape is a crossover vehicle that has a sleek and aerodynamic design. The interior is comfortable, and there is a lot of room for passengers and cargo. The Ford Escape has technology that keeps you safe and technology that provides convenience.

The new Escape is equipped with auto high beams. You don't have to click back and forth from low to high beams. When the conditions on the road are right, the high beams will automatically come on. The lights will dim when necessary and return to high when appropriate.

Where safety is concerned, the Ford SUV has advanced technology. The Escape offers enhanced active park assist. This system helps you with parallel parking, parking where you back into a spot with the Escape and parking where you pull straight into a spot. The system uses sensors to scan the area around where you want to park and alerts you if you are getting close to another vehicle.



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