The Ford EcoSport's Technologies Benefit Teens

A teen driver will enjoy using an EcoSport as a source of transportation because it has great entertainment and safety technologies. It also has a system that gives a parent peace of mind.

For entertainment, a teen can listen to music on the SiriusXM radio or by using an app on the SYNC 3 console. The satellite radio system provides access to more than 150 channels; many of these stations cover music, comedy, sports, or weather. The SYNC 3 app plays many songs, and a teen can sort through various tracks and settings by swiping and tapping the touchscreen.

The big benefit is that the EcoSport has technology that could make a teen a better driver. This system is called MyKey; it can track seat belt usage, restrict certain traveling speeds, and manage audio levels.

The Ford sales associates here at Vision Ford can set up convenient test drives EcoSport vehicles. A short test drive is a smart way to examine the EcoSport's safety systems. We let consumers take cruises in our vehicles on roads by the dealership.



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